303, 2016

Finding An Attorney That Fits Your Needs

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Finding an attorney that fits your needs is an important part of getting yourself the best possible legal advice. No one answer will work for everyone, although there are many good firms that represent people in a wide range of areas. There are many good attorneys that can help you solve your particular problem.
Additional Steps […]

303, 2016

Accident Scene; What to Do After the Accident

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If your injuries are caused by another person’s negligence (i.e. they are “liable”) then you’re entitled to an injury settlement which includes special and general damages. The first thing to do if you are seriously injured in any way is to call 911. You will receive medical care and hopefully a police response. You’ll need […]

203, 2016

Children And Divorce In California

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Donal Casey Cummins is a divorce attorney possessing over 40 years of experience, including time as a Judge Pro Tem for the Family Law Department of the Contra Costa County Superior Court in California. As the founding partner of The Law Office of Cummins & Holmes, he has witnessed firsthand the impact of divorce, not […]

203, 2016

Shreveport Divorce Lawyer

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It’s cheaper to keep her.
Going through a divorce is never easy. When you marry someone, you never think that one day you might separate and go your own ways. When you’re in love and happy, that’s all you think about and never about the possibility of one day divorcing. Unfortunately, in many cases at that, […]

103, 2016

Shreveport Attorney

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Having a need for an attorney in Shreveport- or anywhere- is something that most people will have to do at some point in their lives. You are having legal troubles that require defending; you want to take legal action against an ex-roommate for rent never paid; or maybe you are trying to get sole custody […]

103, 2016

Types of Shreveport Attorney

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Choosing to hire a Shreveport attorney to represent and assist you in legal proceedings is a very clever choice. So you are going through some circumstances that may require legal representation and you realize you need help. However, you are not quite sure what the next steps are. Perhaps you have never hired an attorney […]